Jenter Consulting - is a division of the Rekatrade spol. s r.o. in the field of Out-sourcing and Consulting in Business analytics, Testing, Product and Project management areas. Jenter Consulting is a well established and professionally managed organization serving different needs of our customers. 

Our consulting philosophy and overall approach is highlighted by our commitment to our clients. We are dedicated to providing clients with creative, timely, responsive and accurate consulting services which will add clear value. We enter each client assignment with no preconceptions regarding what will or will not be implemented. Instead, our goal is to bring to the assignment a multi-disciplinary range of talent in an effort to understand the client's goals, objectives and financial constraints. 

We view each assignment as a unique opportunity to find the best solution for the client. We form partnerships with our clients to determine the scope of our work. We manage projects effectively and on time. Our recommendations are consistent with each client's operation and goals. We work to understand not only our clients' needs, but also their own capabilities. Many clients have internal expertise and talent that we do not want to duplicate. Moreover, we seek opportunities to make our clients more self-sufficient. We maintain an open and constant dialogue with our clients.

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